Infrared Scanning Is Provided By Toledo Home Inspections

Infrared inspections are standard on every home inspection and as a troubleshooting tool. Infrared inspections are done with a thermal camera, which shows surface temperature differences, which can give clues to a host of different problems with your home. Included below are some items that we’ve used infrared cameras for.

Infrared Images Detect Roof and Ceiling Leaks

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Toledo Home Inspections Can Detect Hot and Cold Spots In Your Attic

Warm attics cause snow to melt, which is what causes ice dams. We’ve found an infrared camera to be a great tool for locating the causes of ice dams,lack of insulation and frost in attics.

The photo below shows a warm spot in an attic that we never would have identified without an infrared camera.

Infrared inspection shows uninsulated ductwork in an attic is also a problem;

Recessed lights are a huge contributor to warm attics, whether they’re airtight or not. Infrared inspection can detect problems.

Improper Insulation Can Be Detected By Toledo Home Inspections

This is one of the most obvious uses for an infrared camera. The photo below shows an attic access panel that wasn’t properly insulated.

This next image shows an interior wall that was very cold, because there was a missing section of insulation in the attic behind this wall.

Infrared inspection  shows the same section of wall, as seen from inside the attic.

In the photo below, there is an obvious cold spot where the insulation was missed or improperly installed. Infrared inspection is used to detect the problem.

When a wall or ceiling is completely missing insulation, the framing members appear as the warm images.  Infrared inspection shows a home with insulation in the wall, but no insulation in the ceiling.

Defective Or Dangerous Heating Systems Can Be Inspected

If a radiator doesn’t heat up properly, it will be quite obvious with an infrared camera. The photo below shows a radiator working properly.

Below, infrared inspection shows a radiator not heating up properly.

Heated floors can be easily inspected with an infrared camera.

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Infrared inspection shows the portions of floors that aren’t heated will be obvious as well.

Leaking Showers Can Be Inspected Using Infrared Photography

Infrared Inspection Shows The Sources Of Wet Basements

Infrared Inspection Shows Electrical Problems

Random Surprises Can Be Detected By Infrared Photography

Infrared inspection shows register was buried under the carpet.

Infrared inspection is included in all of our Toledo home inspections. It can also be purchased as a stand alone service.

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