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What Does Your Toledo Home Inspector Review?

A Toledo home inspection looks for hidden problems and is generally required by the mortgage company prior to lending money secured by real estate.

Toledo Home Inspections Offers Home Energy Audits and Toledo Home Inspections

A Toledo home energy audit is the best ways to make your home comfortable, healthier and more affordable.

Of course you’d like your home to be more comfortable, less expensive to heat and cool, and healthier, too. But how can you enjoy these three great benefits? The answer is simple. Just take the first step and schedule a Toledo home energy audit from Toledo Home Inspections, LLC by calling us at (567) 377-4152.

Toledo Home Inspections – Toledo Home Inspections Can Test For Mold

As a homeowner or occupant there are things you can do prior to calling in professional help. In many cases inspecting for mold initially involves common sense. Check for musky odors, look for discolored areas on wall, baseboards, ceilings, cabinets, attic and basement areas.

Infrared Scanning Is Provided By Toledo Home Inspections

Infrared inspections are standard on every home inspection and as a troubleshooting tool. Infrared inspections are done with a thermal camera, which shows surface temperature differences, which can give clues to a host of different problems with your home. Included below are some items that we’ve used infrared cameras for.

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